Yotelair London Gatwick Airport reviewed

Double bed and bathroom in Yotelair premium cabin

Have a morning flight out of Gatwick but can’t face the early start? The Yotelair sleep pods offer the perfect solution

It was a 1950s ad campaign for Cunard liners that famously proclaimed “getting there is half the fun”. The opposite is true when your flight from Gatwick airport leaves at 6am.

But rather than spending the journey trying to claw back the sleep you’ve lost, you can spend the night at a smart hotel within the South Terminal from the people who brought us Yo! Sushi.

You don’t stay in a room at a Yotelair hotel, you retreat to a sleep pod. The expression ‘compact and bijou’ springs to mind. However, it is ideal for the business traveller who wants nothing more from a room than shut-eye and a shower. The beds are comfortable and the pods well soundproofed.

Yotelair hotels are situated inside the terminals to give guests the least hassle possible. They are only minutes away from the departure and arrival gates. Other locations include Heathrow Terminal 4,  Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol and Paris, Charles de Gaulle.

In June 2011, they opened their first flagship city centre hotel just two blocks west of Times Square in New York. Cabins are 30 per cent bigger than those of Yotelair and feature floor-to-ceiling windows.

Designed by the Rockwell Group in collaboration with Softroom of London, the New York Yotel features flexible and dynamic entertainment space, and boasts the largest hotel terrace in the city.

Yotelair rates are based on the number of hours you stay for, starting at £34 for four hours, and when you check out you are just seconds away from departures and check-in. There’s free WiFi, too, but above all, Yotelair succeeds in putting the fun back into getting there.


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