Anthony Svirskis: “There are fewer distractions when I’m in the UK”

Anthony Svirskis, CEO of Tribe

Anthony Svirskis, CEO of Tribe, the app that connects brands with social media influencers talks about therapy, switching off and staying fit while hopping between hemispheres

Our platform really excels with what we call micro-influencers: people who have a passion for food or fashion, travel or tech. They have built their audiences over a number of years – and brands are now starting to realise the value of tapping into those audiences.

I spend two weeks every two months in the UK. We have two Australian offices: one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne. As part of our values as a business, we want to ensure that there are many methods of communication between offices.

I actually find flying quite relaxing because you are forced to switch off your phone or put it on airplane mode. When I go to sleep at home, my phone also enters airplane mode, so there’s no chance that I will wake up in the middle of the night and see messages coming through from the UK or Australia.

I do team sports at home. I play Aussie rules football, so my phone will be off for two hours when I’m on the field.

When I’m in the UK I’m really conscious of eating healthy foods and trying to keep an exercise routine like I would in Australia, even placing runs or gym time in my diary. It could be very dangerous to come here for two weeks, when you’re eating takeaways and working from 6am to nightfall, to forget about all the other things that are important to your life.

I try to choose accommodation near a big London park so I can fit a run into my schedule. I’m conscious of creating healthy habits. I’m not obsessed with diet, but it makes sense to eat things that are lighter when you’re at work.

When I come to the UK there are fewer distractions. At weekends I still catch up with friends, but I’d rather do more frequent trips at shorter bursts and dedicate more time accordingly over here, rather than long trips where I struggle with my work-life balance.

Sometimes I find it difficult to adjust to different time zones, but then I’ll take melatonin, which is a natural chemical that induces sleep. I think that’s just about the healthiest way to deal with it. And when I arrive in a new place I try to stay awake for as long as possible.

I’ve just started using an app called Headspace. It’s a 10-minute mindfulness and meditation programme. This is my way of starting the day. I discovered it after meeting the founder of Tribe (TV and radio presenter Jules Lund) and a few other people around the organisation. Having the chance to switch off and reset the brain every morning helps me in the long term.

I’m pretty good with sharing challenges. I’ve had personal therapy on dealing with pressure and anxiety. There are certain techniques that I employ because of this. It’s all within the realms of normality and I don’t think anyone who’s been in a senior role would be unaware of the constant pressure and the need for a release.

It was quite a concept to make that first step of going to a therapist, but I grew comfortable with it. I started talking to friends about it and was amazed to discover how many of them are also seeing therapists. That could be for various reasons – it could be family or relationship related or just for their general wellbeing. It’s one of those things that people don’t tend to talk about, but it is gradually becoming accepted.

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