Top three office massage companies in the UK

A woman gives a man an in-office massage

A hectic schedule can often mean foregoing those much-needed pampering sessions, but the rise in mobile masseuses means the spa can come to the office. Three overworked execs rate three office massage services across the UK

Simon Swan CEO,

Simon Swan reviews an in-office massageWhat: Sense Massage Therapy, office chair treatment, £45 per hour

I’m fortunate in that I don’t really get too stressed, but I have been thinking about getting a massage – I last had one on my honeymoon six years ago. The therapist arrived early and set up in a meeting room – she brought a massage chair so within moments she’d started on my 20-minute neck and shoulder massage. Beforehand, I was thinking of it as purely physical, but afterwards I realised that the biggest benefit was the time out. It’s rare I get 20 minutes of silence or any quality time to think. Having the massage in the middle of the afternoon forced me into silence and I found it really useful. I’d had two meetings that morning that were running through my head, and I was able to piece together my thoughts with real clarity. I finished the session supercharged and was more productive for the rest of the day. Twenty minutes was ideal – any less and I wouldn’t switch off, any longer and I’d get fidgety. It’s easy to think, ‘Where’s the value?’, but it’s a cheat’s way to be mindful. I would absolutely recommend this – I’ve already booked further sessions for the entire company. operates across the UK and Ireland

Simon Swan is a member of IoD North West

Kate Dean reviews in-office massage Kate Dean Marketing executive, Institute of Directors

What: Urban Massage, seated neck and shoulder massage, from £45 per hour

I enjoy a massage as a treat outside work but the idea of getting one without having to leave the office was too attractive to pass up. Our therapist Chihiro arrived early and set up her station in a quiet meeting room. She brought a massage chair and wiped it with disinfectant before covering the face rest with a ring of paper to ensure it was hygienic – a reassuring sight – and showed me how to sit on it comfortably. She asked if there were specific problem areas she could focus on and took care after I told her I’m ticklish. Usually I would have a 60-minute massage so I was sceptical whether a 20-minute session would make a difference. But I was surprised to find that 20 minutes of quiet without technology or disturbance was as valuable as the physical aspect of the massage. I would recommend bringing in an office masseuse every once in a while as the value for money is excellent (Chihiro worked on three colleagues in an hour) and it made a noticeable difference to office morale. Chihiro made us all feel very comfortable, making it overall a very positive experience. operates in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Paris and Vienna

Kate Dean is a marketing executive at the IoD

Adam Gordon reviews an in-office massage Adam Gordon Co-founder,

What: Incorporate Massage, seated acupressure massage, from £35 per hour

I was attracted to in-office massage because I believe healthy, relaxed teams are more productive, and thought it might be a good way to de-clutter the mind. We’re moving very fast at the moment so I knew the team would want to have a go. I’d never had a massage in the office and I was anxious I might have to take my clothes off as we don’t have a private area, so I was pleased we were getting clothes-on massages. Our therapist Grace arrived early to set up and explained what would happen. I felt self-conscious at first but a few minutes in I didn’t care one bit – I was surprised how much tension needed to be released in my back and though the massage lasted 20 minutes it felt shorter because I half-drifted off. I felt more relaxed afterwards and got rid of niggling issues in my mind. I’d recommend every organisation take a look at wellbeing initiatives – it’s going to be part of our regular work experience from now on. I’ve signed up Incorporate Massage to spend an afternoon with us so the whole team can receive one. operates in Glasgow

Adam Gordon is a member of IoD Scotland

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