The Roxy Hotel – glamour in New York’s creative Tribeca district

The Roxy Hotel Tribeca New York art deco exterior

The Roxy hotel in New York offers vintage New York chic with cinema stylings and old records just a short walk from Wall Street. Ask nicely and they’ll even lend you a goldfish, says Alex Parker

You can be forgiven for walking past The Roxy hotel and thinking it’s a movie house. Indeed the entrance is designed to pay homage to the theatres of the 1920s and there is cinema located in the basement of the hotel, which screens indie and foreign films.

But it would be wrong to simply brand The Roxy a movie-themed hotel, even if the pattern of the wallpaper in the bathrooms is a deliberate homage to the carpets from The Shining.

The art deco interior instantly transports you back to a more glamorous era. Under the beautiful atrium, the bar and restaurant, always buzzing with atmosphere and live jazz, is a popular local hangout.

As you would expect, they serve a mean Manhattan in the main bar. Indeed this was a darn sight better (and cheaper) than the one I later ordered atop the Rockefeller Center.

There are all sorts of other delights lurking within The Roxy, right down to the goldfish that come as part of your complimentary extras. Yes, that’s right. You can ask at reception to keep one in your room for the duration of your stay.

The rooms offer another step back in time – although the influence is more rooted in the 1970s than the roaring 20s and comes complete with a turntable and a selection of vinyl records. There is also a Macbook Pro laptop in every room to show they haven’t completely turned their back on the modern world.

The view outside paints a picture of downtown New York, with low-rise buildings, fire escapes, yellow cabs and water towers evoking the spirit of West Side Story, which was set in this part of the city.

The hotel is located in the Tribeca district, which means Broadway is virtually on your doorstep, the rebuilt World Trade Center is just 13 blocks south, and Wall Street a mile away. Rates start from around £215 per room per night.

A stay at The Roxy is one you certainly won’t forget in a hurry. But I can’t speak for the goldfish.

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