• Where do you go to recharge?

    This month, we asked six business leaders where they go to recharge

  • The rise of learning holidays

    From language lessons to cookery classes, many business leaders are going on learning holidays to acquire new skills

  • Peter Mühlmann, Trustpilot

    What clears leaders’ heads? Where do they go to solve problems? And how do they reboot their creativity? Every month Director will pick business brains, starting with the chief executive of customer reviews website Trustpilot
    My first great idea came from growing up in Denmark near the German border. Products were cheaper in Germany. Cables connecting […]

  • The benefits of mindfulness

    From the world of politics to big business and education, everyone is talking about the benefits of mindfulness. And with more than 2,000 separate research studies indicating that this ancient Zen Buddhism meditation technique can improve mental and physical wellbeing, Director asks: isn’t it time you introduced some brain training to your company?
    We all know […]

  • Sun-kissed St Lucia

    Revitalise body and soul at this stylish spa on sun-kissed St Lucia
    As the weather turns distinctly nippier, it’s sadly all-too often the cue for our bodies to start piling on the pounds again. Here’s the perfect antidote, in a truly gorgeous setting: a chance to recharge those corporate batteries in the run-up to the festive […]

  • Hellenic Healthy Holidays, Greece

    For a luxurious break that won’t punish your waistline, this boot camp retreat in beautiful Kefalonia could be the perfect escape
    Taking a break is good for the soul, but the drop in activity, coupled with gastronomic treats, can take its toll on your physique. Looking to get away and get trim, I discovered Hellenic Healthy […]

  • Arianna Huffington on how sleep can awaken opportunity

    Arianna Huffington urges leaders to set new rules of success