Three stress-busting treatments tested

Stress-busting treatments tested

Stress can affect productivity, as well as physical and mental health, but all too often it’s part of the job description. Three volunteers try stress-busting treatments to ease their whirring minds

Stokes Founder, The Spa Spy
Forest Escape treatment, £170
Lime Wood Spa, Hampshire

Lime Wood hotel spa Hampshire

The pool at Hampshire’s Lime Wood hotel spa

Reviews_Spa Lisa_April 15Forest Escape promises to both de-stress and re-energise by combining bespoke herbal remedies and massage for a complete treatment of body and mind. It’s an Ayurvedic treatment, working separately on energy channels on each side of your body and joining the two sides together in harmony at the end, and starts with an intense 30-minute consultation and lifestyle questionnaire to determine my ‘dosha’ (mind-body type). Mine was ‘kapha’, whose qualities are heavy, slow, steady, solid, cold, soft and oily – so I needed something revitalising. A custom blend of Indian herbs, spices and oils were used in a full body massage, combining rhythm, pressure point and kneading movements to work away stress and achieve mind and body balance. At the end, I was given a lifestyle sheet with diet and exercise recommendations to sustain the balance and attain optimum health. I definitely felt more energised – like mind and body were floating on air.
Lisa Stokes is a member of IoD London

Chris Maxwell
Deputy editor, Director
What Instant Energiser treatment, £65
Where Spa Intercontinental, London Park Lane

Reviews_Spa Intercontinental_April 15

London’s Spa Intercontinental

Reviews_Spa Chris_April 15

Aimed at weary execs who need to perk up for a crucial appointment quick-sharp – especially those who’ve just staggered off a neck-cricking overnight flight – Spa Intercontinental offers a range of treatments intended to rapidly re-energise. The Instant Energiser promises the equivalent of four hours’ sleep in just 20 minutes on the enveloping dry flotation bed – I needed no further invitation to flop down for a quick snooze in one of its stylishly appointed private rooms. Once the initially distracting burble of the waterbed settled down and I found my balance, it was incredibly comfortable and the accompanying ambient music and lighting soon had me sound asleep. Before nodding off, I did notice the odd sound from adjoining rooms as the spa attendants prepared them for other guests, which may irk the lighter sleeper, but didn’t put me off my sheep-counting. Did I feel like I’d had four hours? Perhaps not, but it was still a power nap like no other.
Chris Maxwell is deputy editor of Director

Shirley Soskin
Managing partner, Silverhawk Partners
What Silent Night lavender sleep treatment, £195
Where Dormy House Spa, Broadway, Worcestershire

Reviews_Spa Dormy_April 15

A treatment room at Dormy House

Reviews_Spa Shirley_April 15I am no stranger to insomnia, but when you run your own business, have teenage children doing exams and you’re recovering from a horrible virus, a sleep treatment couldn’t be more timely. The aim of the Silent Night lavender sleep treatment is to restore the body’s natural biorhythm and completely relax the nervous system. It starts with a 15-minute foot treatment, followed by a dry brush of your skin from head to toe. A salt scrub is then applied and washed off in a hot pressure shower. You then receive a full-body deep-tissue massage with Cotswold Lavender oil and camomile oils, and a head massage using hot lavender oil to finish. That night I went to bed at 8.20pm and slept right through, which was extraordinary. I spoke to a friend the next morning and she said I sounded like a completely different person. I felt so refreshed it was actually as if I had been away on holiday – and I would thoroughly recommend the treatment.
Shirley Soskin is a member of IoD London

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