US wine launches in UK


A booming, celebrity-backed American wine brand has arrived in the UK with big plans to seize a slice of the market.

After forming a partnership with UK drinks company James E McCabe Limited, MYX Fusion Moscato is now available at selected venues across the UK with plans to be fully national by the end of the year.

The New York company, part-owned by American rapper Nicki Minaj, has enjoyed success across America after launching in 2013. CEO Peter Reaske told Director: “We’re in around 15,000 outlets and 44 states, so for something that’s only 19 months old we’re doing pretty good”.

MYX Fusions Moscato advertises itself as a ‘premium wine infused with natural fruit juices and flavours’.  The ready-to-drink beverage, served in 187ml cobalt bottles has half the carbonation of champagne and has launched with two flavours – ‘moscato’ and ‘peach’.

Last year the firm sold just over 7million bottles in the US and is hoping for similar success in the UK – bolstered by brand ambassador Minaj’s UK tour from March – and powered by a developing taste for the Moscato variety: “Moscato is growing in the UK but it’s not the powerhouse wine it is in the US where Moscato is the second largest white variety,” says Reaske. “When people taste it, the reaction we get is it’s ‘actually refreshing and not as sweet as thought it would be.’”

As well as the UK, the brand has also been launched in Canada and Australia and the company has its sights set on the Caribbean and Mexico in the near future. “We’re running before we walk, but so far we are pretty proud of what we’re doing,” added Reaske.

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