Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset reviewed

The Samsung Gear VR headset

Virtual reality has had false dawns in the past, but can we now say it’s finally here? Director tries out the Samsung Gear VR and discovers that the retail sector certainly sees a future in VR…

Audi and Thomas Cook are two of a growing number of companies using headsets that allow customers to ‘try before you buy’. There are obvious benefits for a travel agent, of course, as VR allows holidaymakers to explore a resort located thousands of miles away.

I donned the Samsung Gear VR Headset – currently only compatible with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 6 or 7 – and took a roller coaster ride. The experience was about as close as you can get to the real thing, complete with a sense of dizziness once the ride had shuddered to a halt and I’d removed the headset.

The Samsung Gear VR is light, comfortable and, at £80, considerably cheaper than many of the other headsets about to flood the market. There is no question that headsets take gaming to another level but the jury is out on whether the wider public will embrace VR or see it as little more than another tech novelty.

“One of the biggest trends and themes for 2016 is virtual reality. At Samsung, we are making VR more accessible by partnering with the best in the industry to deliver a growing library of engaging, rich content for our Samsung Gear VR which is all made possible by our latest Galaxy devices,” said Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics. “We are excited to engage with the creative community… to collaborate and amplify viewpoints, content and new technological advancements as we continue to cultivate development in the VR community.”

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