Stand-up desks reviewed

stand-up desks

Research co-commissioned by Public Health England and Active Working CIC, and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine calls for office workers to stand for at least two hours a day to counter the health problems of prolonged sitting. Three Director readers got on their feet to see if a stand-up desk could make a difference for them

Steelcase Ology desk, £1,900 (pictured above)

Nick Tuppen reviews Steelcase Ology desk, £1,900 2 June 2015Nick Tuppen
Managing director, Threshold Sports

We run corporate public challenge events such as runs and multi-sport adventure races. My average day is a mix of sitting at my desk running through finances or being out on the road at a site visit. Everyone took interest when the desk arrived because some staff sit on things such as gym balls and we are always trying to improve stuff within the office. It stands out a lot – I’m relatively tall, about 6ft 1in, and, depending on your height, you have it higher or lower, so it’s probably more pronounced if you’re tall. At the start I noticed that my legs got quite tired, you’re conscious of them feeling heavier. I occasionally get a sore back, but that didn’t seem to be the case standing up. I also noticed I had slightly higher energy levels in the afternoon. If I had a job where I was sat at my desk for a full day I think I would do spells of sitting and standing, but because I was moving around between meetings it worked really well. I would definitely recommend it. Nick Tuppen is a member of IoD London 

Varidesk Pro Plus review 2 June 2015

Varidesk Pro Plus reviewed

Varidesk Pro Plus, £350

Danny Kindell
Managing director, NBM Distribution

Danny Kindell reviews Varidesk Pro PlusWe’re distributors of data cabling, computer networking components and IT security solutions, so a typical day for me can be varied. I’m on the road a lot, but when I’m office-based I am pretty much at my desk dealing with phone calls and responding to and writing emails. The Varidesk was well manufactured and easy to assemble. Using it was quite refreshing. I quite liked working standing up – I felt more engaged and on the go a little bit more, even though I was stood behind a desk. As an ex-footballer, I suffer from a bad back and I’ve got a seat rest behind me on my chair for my posture. Standing up, your posture tends to be better than when you sit – and you don’t get the aches that you do when you’re sitting down. It’s ideal for when you come out of a meeting and you have 30 minutes to answer some emails. Whether I would want to work like that all the time… I probably couldn’t. I enjoyed the experience but I think it’s almost more suited to hot-desking. Danny Kindell is a member of IoD Hertfordshire


Back Care Solutions Conset Electric Desk reviewed

Back Care Solutions Conset Electric Desk reviewed

Back Care Solutions Conset Electric Desk, £517.14 

Leslie-Ann Giovnilli reviews Back Care Solutions Conset Electric Desk

Leslie-Ann Giovnilli
Managing director, AMS (Outsourcing) Services

We’ve read quite a lot about stand-up desks. There’s loads of good feedback about them and how good they are for you, so I was quite keen to try one. We run virtual offices and provide business administration and outsourcing services. So a lot of the work we do is at a screen. Once I started using the desk I found it was much better than sitting all day as I was moving around more. I didn’t feel like I needed to sit down – it was actually quite comfortable. We’re in an open-plan office but we do have fitted desks with screens. I found that while standing my team could approach me easier because I was out from behind my screen. Our work can be quite extreme – we can go from having four 20-hour days standing up, working on projects, to a couple of weeks sitting at the computer working independently, so this is a really good compromise for us. I would have loved to have used it a bit longer to see how it fares in both extremes and would definitely recommend it. Leslie-Ann Giovnilli is a member of IoD Suffolk  

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  1. Mark Clayton 5 June, 2015 at 10:59 Reply

    Stand up desks – ugh. I am very tall and standing up all day gives me back ache and very uncomfortable knees.

    In any event IIRC female employees MUST be provided with a place to sit down by law, so I can’t see this one sticking. It will be about as popular as Ryan Air’s proposed stand up flights…

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