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So much correspondence to read, industry news to devour, and social media to ingest: yet so little time. No wonder we spend swathes of each day engrossed in the little rectangular computers we keep in our pockets, and not enough focusing on work or relaxing with loved ones.

That is the philosophy behind QualityTime for Android, which tracks how much time you are spending on individual apps or accessing your smartphone – and displays results in a handy vertical graph.

The best feature, we found, is one which allows you to lock down your phone for set periods – handy, either if you want to concentrate more fully on specific tasks at work, or if you’d simply like to spend more time engaging with the world via your senses rather than your smartphone.

Of course, the brutal irony is, it’s yet another application to draw your attention away from the real world and into the cybersphere.


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Nick Scott

Nick Scott

A former editor-in-chief of The Rake and deputy editor of the Australian edition of GQ, Nick has had features published in titles including Esquire, The Guardian, Observer Sport Monthly and Rolling Stone Australia and is a contributing editor to Director magazine. He has interviewed celebrities including Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig and Elle Macpherson, as well as business people including Sir Richard Branson, Charles Middleton and Nick Giles and Michael Hayman MBE.

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