How to optimise and market your website for e-commerce

Optimising your website for e-commerce

e-commerce Liron Smadja, director of local marketing at Fiverr, offers his tips for making your firm’s e-commerce function as accessible and welcoming as possible to its target market

No matter how advanced your business is in e-commerce terms, continually improving its online shop will ensure that customers can always easily find and use it. This work needs to be done in three critical areas of the website: design, content and analytics.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend time, effort and money on recruiting employees to do this. You could instead find a specialist to outsource the work to using Fiverr’s online marketplace for freelance services.


Your online shop needs to be prominent, attractive and user-friendly. While remembering that there are many freelancers who can help you with the creation and design aspects, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which set of “user journeys” (procedures that customers must follow to make purchases) is your site providing for?
  • Which user journeys are missing or imperfect?
  • If there are imperfect user journeys, where are they falling short?
  • Is your site optimised for a sufficiently wide range of desktop and mobile devices?
  • How are images and text placed on the pages?
  • Is the site communicating your key messages adequately?

It’s important that your site is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. More people shop on the go using the latter than the number who sit down at a computer to make purchases. If you don’t feel that your website needs a complete overhaul, consider using freelancers who offer mobile website design.


Your website’s content needs to be search-engine optimised, so that the site ranks highly in the results when people type in relevant key words.

Ask yourself:

  • What are your customers looking for?
  • Can the key words they’re using in their searches be found on your site?
  • If so, where are they included – eg, in headings, body text etc?
  • Are key words included in your content in a natural, unforced way?

You don’t need to go too deep into overhauling your site’s content, especially when there are specialists who can do it for you. Check out Fiverr’s directory of freelancers skilled in online content creation and search-engine optimisation.


If you’re not already using analytics, you definitely should be. These enable you to assess how your website is performing.

Again, you can hire a freelancer experienced in analytics to help you evaluate your site’s performance and highlight potential improvements.

Here are some areas to consider:

  • What kinds of people are visiting your site?
  • Which pages are most popular in terms of visits and dwell times?
  • Where do people drop off your site?
  • The conversion rate – the percentage of visitors who buy something.

Remember that a good online store is one that makes it easy for people to find and buy your products and/or services, no matter what device they are using. But it takes extra effort to convince users that what you’re offering is the best for their needs.

Web design, content and analytics are vital for optimising your e-commerce function but, if you’re seeking freelancers to help you in other areas of your business, Fiverr can help to you find these as well.

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