What do business leaders want from Prime Minister Theresa May?

Theresa May

Theresa May will close this year’s Conservative Party conference on Wednesday. We asked six contributors to the October issue of Director what they want from the prime minister. Here’s what they said…

John Jennings discusses what he wants from Theresa MayJohn Jennings, associate director, Chris Cooper Business Elevation

The new PM should try to instil confidence in the wake of the vote for Brexit. A positive message, backed up by action. Do what she said she would about the monster that is CEO pay, slash paperwork for start-ups and reduce tax. Get entrepreneurship on the school curriculum and engage baby-boomers to mentor millennials.


Dan Reilly discusses what he wants from Theresa MayDan Reilly, managing director, Ruler Analytics

Transport across the UK needs to be quicker, easier and safer. HS2 would be great, especially for the north of England. Internet infrastructure also needs improving – I never go anywhere in the UK with a great connection and other countries are doing better than us. If we had superfast internet we could do a lot more and be a lot more productive.


Joyce Kwong discusses what she wants from Theresa MayJoyce Kwong, managing director, Disruptive Business Consulting

Having recently moved back to London  after 15 years in Asia, I am impressed by its regeneration and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. May should aim to make the UK attractive by encouraging an open and liberal economy for new businesses and technologies to challenge, so Britain can play a leading role in the digital economy.


he wants from Theresa MayJean-Claude Pierre, group CEO, Scott Bader

She needs to bring an appropriate level of regulation to the financial system. You couldn’t do the things we do at Scott Bader [a socially responsible, employee-owned business] as a CEO in finance, even if you wanted to – because you’d be fired. The salaries are insane, with no relation to responsibilities. Things have barely changed since 2008.


Jo Malone discusses what she wants from Theresa MayJo Malone, founder, Jo Loves

I was devastated by the EU referendum result. This is a tough time for the country but the decision has been made… We’re ready to build but I want to hear what Theresa May is going to do for business because we are the people who create the jobs to pay the tax. We work hard, we’ve gone above and beyond, and the country is owed an explanation.


he wants from Theresa MayIan Sandison, chairman, Cambridge Business Improvement District

I’d like Theresa May to allow local authorities to keep much more of the business rates they raise. Cambridge City Council only keeps about five or six per cent – all the rest goes into central government. If local authorities kept more of their business rates, it could then be ploughed back into the local economy.


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