Which Oscar winners have their own business?

Oscar winners: Sandra Bullock

The great and good of Hollywood will be out in force on Sunday for the 89th Academy Awards, but it’s not just their acting skills that earn them those megabucks. Director rounds up some of the Oscar winners who have their fingers in more than one pie…

An Oscar is said to increase the winner’s negotiating clout, with male actors netting an estimated $3.9m (£3.1m) earnings boost, although women’s post-Oscar salary jumps are typically a meagre $500,000.

The 24-karat Oscar statues are worth around $900, depending on gold prices. Michael Jackson paid $1.54m for Gone with the Wind’s best picture Oscar, but winners looking to cash in should beware a bylaw which means any statue from 1951 on must be offered back to the academy for $10. No need for that with these five Oscar winners who have lucrative sidelines outside films…


The contrast between Hollywood glitz and Bullock’s Austin, Texas sandwich store-cum-florist couldn’t be starker. Reviews have described Walton’s Fancy and Staple as “super cute” with “old general store ambience”. It’s clearly a personal passion for the star, who opened the shop in 2010, the year she won best actress for The Blind Side. She told Vogue: “The acting thing is so beyond my control. This is mine.”

Oscar winners: Clint Eastwood


In Pale Rider, Eastwood played an unnamed preacher who sided with prospectors against mining industry giants. Offscreen, a year later he saved Mission Row, a 150-year-old Californian dairy threatened with demolition. Eastwood, who has five Oscars, handpicked craftsmen to restore the historic buildings into the 31-room Mission Ranch hotel – handy for visitors to his 18-hole Tehama golf course located nearby.

Oscar winners: Halle Berry


Berry – named best actress in 2001 for Monster’s Ball – revived French lingerie label Scandale, founded by designer Robert Perrier in 1932, buying a 50 per cent stake. Partnering with Hop Lun’s Erik Ryd for the 2014 relaunch, she said: “I decided for my own evolution as a woman and an entrepreneur, it’s time for me to step out and really be part owner of something that I believed in and not just lend my name to a brand.”

Oscar winners: Kevin Costner


His 1995 epic Waterworld was a damp squib, but that hasn’t stopped two-time Oscar-winner Costner diving into the marine business. The Dances with Wolves star founded Costner Industries Nevada Corporation in the 1990s to fund eco-friendly research and developed Ocean Therapy Solutions, which cleans oil from water. BP bought several after the Deepwater Horizon spill despite claims they were ineffective.

Oscar winners: George Clooney


Like every good movie, George Clooney’s foray into tequila had a surprising twist – he never meant to sell it. The star, who won Oscars for Syriana and Argo, was building a home in Mexico when he got a taste for the tipple. Initially meant for pals only, he and business partner Rande Gerber distilled so much they had to launch a retail brand, Casamigos, in 2013. It now claims to be America’s fastest-growing ultra-premium tequila.


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