Millennial 20-20: The world’s first summit on millennials

Millennial 20-20: The world’s first summit on millennials

Millennial 20-20, the world’s first summit on millennials, is on the way, casting a light upon their disruptive ethos and economic potential

Millennials: few social groups inspire such a blend of fear and condescension in the minds of directors of a certain age. They’re narcissistic, have short attention spans, and seemingly abide by a ‘let’s-blame-the-recession’ narrative for their woes. Or so the cliché goes.

But these 21-34-year-olds (who make up 280 million of the world’s population) are actually hyper-connected digital-savants, whose trends, tastes and tech-savvy will shape the workplaces of tomorrow. They’re also predicted to have a global spending power of £8.9bn by 2020, with nine in 10 SMEs saying their future growth “relies” upon them. Indeed, 77 per cent of small businesses say they now feel under pressure to sell themselves to Generation Y.

Which possibly explains why entrepreneurs Rupa Ganatra and Viktoria de Chevron Villette have established the world’s first millennial business summit, taking place in London in April. Millennial 20-20 will delve into the disruptive, digitally savvy demographic through exhibitions and a varied roster of speakers including Caroline Rush (CEO, British Fashion Council), Nicolas Brusson (co-founder, BlaBlaCar) and ex-footballer Rio Ferdinand.

Also attending will be 3,000 start-ups, brands and retailers all eager to discuss the impact of millennial consumers and how best to appeal to them through innovation and technology.

After that, they can tackle their next big problem: the threat posed by Generation Z – that Snapchat-loving, multiscreen-using, socially progressive cohort born between 1996 and 2010, which even views Twitter-loving twenty-somethings as passé. That’s when any millennial-suspicious business leaders will really start to feel old.

Read about the rise of the millennial leader in this blog by Rupa Ganatra, co-founder of Millennial 20-20

Millennial 20-20 Summit details

The Millennial 20-20 Summit takes place on 13-14 April at Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London. For more information go to


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