Explore the wonder of science at The British Science Festival

Technology and science is celebrated at the British Science Festival

The British Science Festival begins today, and it’s not just the nation’s boffins who should be paying attention

While parliament’s Science and Technology Committee investigates the implications of Brexit, the scientific community will gather in Swansea from 6–9 September to celebrate all that is great about the domestic science scene. The British Science Festival, hosted by Swansea University, is a chance to gain invaluable insight into the innovations and ideas set to change our business and personal lives, with free events, talks and performances across the city. These caught Director’s eye…

Farming the future at the British Science FestivalFarming the future
Technology is shaping farming of the future, with drones, satellites and field robots bringing in big data that informs farmers about conditions, helping them to achieve higher yields. A panel of experts will address the benefits for food security and sustainability.
Swansea University Glyndwr Building, 12pm-1pm, 6 September


Wearable technology at the British Science FestivalThe emergence of e-textiles

E-textiles are the latest development in the world of wearable technology – imagine a piece of fabric that reacts the same way as a touchscreen, or a chair that tells you when you’re slouching thanks to sensors woven into the cover – so join Dr Rebecca Stewart as she discusses its rise and how it could change the way we interact with our surroundings.
Swansea University Taliesin Arts Centre, 12pm-1pm, 6 September


21st Century Steel at the British Science FestivalHuxley debate: 21st-century steel
Steel is pivotal to the shaping of the industrial, economic and social landscape, but recently the industry has suffered in the public spotlight thanks to threatened closures of the UK’s remaining plants. Join this expert panel to discuss the centrality of the nearby Port Talbot steelworks to the South Wales area and the importance of steel for the 21st-century world.
Swansea University Faraday Building, 4pm-5pm, 6 September


Digital at the British Science FestivalPrivacy in the digital age
The importance of cyber-security is growing exponentially in tandem with our time spent online – e-crime costs the Welsh economy alone approximately £974m every year. This interactive workshop reveals your personal risk level and how to protect yourself. Note: all attendees will be researched before the event!
Swansea University Faraday Building, 1pm-1.30pm, 7 September

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