Heavyweight line-up announced for the IoD’s digital strategy summit

Julian David, a speaker at the IoD's digital strategy summit

A heavyweight line-up of industry experts has been announced for the IoD’s upcoming digital strategy summit

To help us all make sense of the latest developments in IT – and successfully translate these into commercial opportunities – the IoD has assembled a roster of high-profile experts and guest speakers representing world-famous brands for its 2017 digital strategy summit.

Among those appearing at the conference on 17 October will be Julian David (pictured), chief executive of techUK, which represents nearly 1,000 businesses – from start-ups to members of the FTSE 100 – across the country. The trade association helps its members to establish relationships and expand their networks; develop markets, both domestically and globally; reduce their costs; and mitigate the risks they face.

Also speaking at the event will be Graeme Smith, managing director of the Amazon Development Centre in Edinburgh. He will discuss the power of machine learning, which allows computers to learn directly from examples and experience to power speech-recognition software, medical diagnosis systems, self-driving cars and autonomous drones, among many other things. Smith will explain how this field of artificial intelligence not only helps us to become more efficient in our work; it also enables businesses of all sizes to do things today that only a few years ago were the exclusive preserve of science fiction.

Other speakers at the summit include Danny Denhard, marketing director at JustGiving. He will discuss the powerful impact of social media on fundraising in the voluntary sector. Charitable causes worldwide raised more than £770m through JustGiving between 2014 and 2016.

There will be a panel session focusing on cyber crime – one of the biggest threats to the global economy. Oliver Gower, deputy director of the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit, will be a key contributor to the discussions.

Gen Ashley, director of Women Who Code, meanwhile, will talk about diversity issues in the tech industry. Delegates will also learn all about the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation and have the chance to hear the latest news about 5G, the future of mobile networks and the government’s £200m investment in future 5G cities.

The event promises to be an enlightening day for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the digital curve and understand how hi-tech advances are shaping the future of business in the UK and beyond.

The IoD digital strategy summit will take place at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel, London, on 17 October. For further information visit iod.com/digitalsummit

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