Alfa Romeo Giulia fleet car in focus

A red Alfa Romeo Giulia car

Alfa Romeo Giulia is one of the most eagerly anticipated car launches of 2016. The Italian marque’s new range is expected to prove very popular with company car drivers “at every point in their career” when it appears on Britain’s roads

Francis Bleasdale, fleet director for parent company Fiat Chrysler UK, says he expects the new Alfa Romeo Giulia to appeal to companies looking for something different. “We know British drivers like strong performance and sharp dynamics – and the new Alfa Romeo Giulia will prove irresistible to many of them,” he says. “Of course, in appealing to their hearts we haven’t neglected the practical side either, so in addition to economy and emissions among the best in class, the Giulia will also have the longest wheelbase, high levels of standard equipment and, we expect, strong residual values to help keep monthly running costs to a minimum.

“The Giulia definitely reopens Alfa Romeo to a whole cross section of drivers who we haven’t been able to speak to in a while. The top Giulia Quadrifoglio, with its stunning design and impressive driving dynamics, is certainly something which will appeal to a lot of chief executives, while the rest of the range will strike a chord with enthusiasts on virtually every step of their career ladders.”

Bleasdale adds that the new Alfa Romeo Giulia will also be the lightest in its class and offer better performance than direct rivals, while having exceptional fuel economy and competitive emissions thanks to advanced engine technology. He says: “Company car drivers will have the look, sound and dynamics they expect – and have been coveting – from the best Italian cars, combined with the quality, efficiency, technology and comfort they are used to in their German and Japanese cars.”

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