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Sally Bundock Ben Thompson BBC Business Live

The BBC News channel launches a new daily business programme, BBC Business Live, on Monday morning, presented by Sally Bundock and Ben Thompson

The half-hour show, which starts at 8.30am, promises to bring an international perspective on the big business news stories of the day, with a lookback at what happened overnight in Asia and the movers and shakers as the day begins in Europe and the US. Broadcast from the BBC’s studios at Broadcasting House in central London, Business Live will call upon the corporation’s correspondents around the globe.

Bundock and Thompson have had time to bed in. The programme has aired on BBC World News, the BBC’s overseas channel, since March. In the last few days, they have presented coverage of the pressure mounting on Fifa sponsors, covered stories about Yahoo being sued for spying on users’ emails and interviewed former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney.

Bundock and Thompson are both stalwarts of the BBC business unit. Bundock joined the corporation in 2002 after five years at Bloomberg, and has covered World Economic Forums, G7 meetings and EU summits. Thompson moved to London in 2003, after four years at BBC Wales. Having worked as a producer and presenter, he has also served as the BBC’s business correspondent in the Middle East and New York.

The pair have made the most of social media to publicise the programme. They frequently tweet and Instagram pictures from the studio and out on location. Thompson has even uploaded an outtakes showreel to YouTube, which shows the pair attempting to present a series of promotional links – but soon descending into fits of laughter. (Watch below)

BBC Business Live

Weekdays at 8.30am on the BBC News channel / 7.30am GMT on BBC World News




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