Z.com arrives in UK

Z.com Trade launch with people crossing Abbey Road zebra crossing

The world’s leading foreign-exchange provider, Z.com, has launched in the UK, having purchased the world’s eighth most expensive domain to spearhead its ambitions for global expansion

Z.com Trade is the global face of Japanese forex provider GMO Click Group, which is responsible for nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of all global FX trading (in January 2015 alone, $1.2 trillion was traded by its clients).

The UK launch of Z.com is part of an assertive global branding strategy for the Asian company. Last year, GMO bought the z.com domain name for $6.8m (£4.25m) from Nissan, which was the eighth most expensive domain purchase in history. At the time z.com was one of only three single-character domain names available with the .com top-level domain. It also fits in with GMO’s plans to introduce forex to a wider, more mainstream audience beyond ‘typical’ traders, a strategy that the group has employed in its native Japan for some time.

“We wanted this launch [to] announce our arrival as a new player in the FX space, and challenge the general public’s perceptions of currency trading,” says Tomitaka Ishimura, chief executive of Z.com Trade.

To celebrate the arrival of Z.com Trade in the UK, the company created a music video (watch below) with Japanese band World Order performing choreographed dance routines at various London landmarks.

“Our position as the market leader in the Japanese retail forex industry is built on a commitment to providing significant cost benefits, with in-house-developed, high-quality trading technology,” adds Ishimura. “We are committed to making this model a success globally, and look forward to connecting with even more traders around the world.”

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