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The new issue of Director magazine featuring an exclusive interview with Sarah Brown is out now, in print and to download on desktop and our mobile apps. Here, editor Lysanne Currie previews what’s inside the brand new edition…

There was a brilliant article by David Barnett in the Independent recently. It was about the ‘forgotten Generation X’ and I read it with interest because, not only am I one, but many of the business leaders we interview for Director belong to this tribe. Barnett talks about Gen X as the work-hard, play-hard generation who didn’t even get a name until Douglas Coupland wrote a novel about us in 1991.

Barnett says: “Generation X acknowledges what has gone before, learns from it, and resolves to shape the future into something better. We don’t throw our hands in the air and say the job’s a bust, let’s give up. We know we can’t go back to mythical halcyon days and we know we can’t just rip it up and start again. We work with what we’ve got and try to make it better. We change things from the inside out.”

An ability to roll with the punches is now, argues John Kotter – professor of leadership at Harvard Business School – a requisite for success (click here to read). And it’s this, combined with the ability to bring about drama-free change, that forms a trait shared by many of our interviewees. Some didn’t have a career plan when they began work in the 1980s or 1990s. Many had to think fast when recession hit or life delivered a curveball. But optimism, a sense of humour and pure hard graft has seen them through.

Lance Batchelor probably didn’t dream of becoming the chief executive of Saga Group when he joined the navy more than 30 years ago; personal loss meant Catherine and Nick Roylance had to quickly take the helm of their father’s publishing company (read here); and cover star Sarah Brown couldn’t possibly have envisaged the twists and turns her life would take as she started her media career at Wolff Olins. She is absolutely one of those who are changing the world quietly from the inside out – I hope you join her fantastic #RewritingTheCode campaign (read our interview with Sarah here). Please raise a glass to the scruffy stoicism of Gen X and enjoy the issue.

Have a great month.

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