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Lubelskie Poland

Artur Habza Lubelskie PolandHome to a range of thriving industries, Lubelskie is one of the most economically buoyant voivodeships (provinces) in the country. With strong academic traditions, it’s well connected to the rest of Poland and territories beyond the EU’s eastern border. Artur Habza, director of economy and international co-operation at the Marshal’s Office of Lubelskie Voivodeship, outlines the investment opportunities it has to offer…


A strategic location 

Situated in eastern Poland, Lubelskie Voivodeship is the country’s third-largest province, covering 9,700 square miles. Its capital, Lublin, has a population of 340,000, making it the largest city in the region.

For British entrepreneurs it offers a convenient gateway into both eastern Europe and Asia – the first stop in the EU along China’s “One belt, one road” trade corridor to the West. With direct flights serving Lublin from Liverpool, Luton, Sheffield and Stansted, you can get here from the UK in two and half hours.

A strong and diverse economy

Lublin is fast establishing itself as a leading commercial hub in eastern Poland. Its large pool of highly skilled talent is a real attraction for employers. The city also offers one of the largest IT ecosystems in the country, making it an attractive location for outsourced business operations.

Beyond the capital, agriculture is a strong industry. The nation’s leading crop producer, Lubelskie is ranked among Poland’s top three provinces for soil and water quality. Key produce includes hops, soft fruit and tobacco.

In 2015 the export value of Lubelskie’s agri-food processing industry totalled nearly PLN2.87bn (then £496m). With more than 2,000 farms, the region’s burgeoning organic farming sector caters for environmentally conscious consumers as well as suppliers of renewable energy.

Other important contributors to Lubelskie’s economy include the automotive industry, which is manufacturing both hybrid and electric vehicles; aerospace; cement; chemicals; furniture; and logistics.

Lubelskie Poland

A focus on R&D 

The province’s vision for smart, sustainable and inclusive GDP growth requires that Lubelskie becomes a bioeconomy – ie, one based on renewable inputs and the large-scale application of biotechnology.

To this end, one of the main priorities is to expand its research and development sector. Industries that are already bringing business and science together to great effect in the region include healthcare, IT and green energy.

A wealth of talent

Lubelskie is home to more than 1.3 million people of working age. There are 18 universities in the province and Lublin is the largest academic centre in eastern Poland, offering prospective students a broad selection of courses.

Indeed, Lubelskie has one of the largest student populations in Poland: 77,000, of whom 6,600 are foreign. Last year 22,500 people graduated from higher education institutions here.

While Lubelskie has a good supply of well-qualified workers, employment costs in the province remain relatively low. According to the latest research, the average salary of a private-sector employee here is PLN45,588 (£9,573). That’s 17 per cent below the national average of PLN55,248 (£11,602).

Lubelskie Poland

Find out more about Lubelskie

For further information contact the team at Biznes Lubelskie, an initiative established by the Marshal’s Office of Lubelskie Voivodeship to provide support for investors and help them find appropriate partners and suppliers.

Click here  or call +48 81 537 1621 or +48 81 537 1615


Lubelskie Poland


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