Happy Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day

Today is Data Privacy Day, the annual reminder that people and businesses should be doing more to protect their personal data 

More than 12 million Britons have experienced cyber crime in the past year, making the 10th international Data Privacy Day, which takes place today, more relevant in the UK than ever. The event was launched in 2007 and is now ‘celebrated’ in Europe and the US/Canada, aiming to create awareness of the escalating importance of protecting personal information.

The arrival of Data Privacy Day comes one week after password management firm SplashData revealed that people are still shockingly woeful when it comes to selecting secure passwords. They found that the three most used passwords are ‘123456’,  ‘password’ and ‘12345678’.

Meanwhile, a separate study by academics from Stanford University and the University of Cambridge found that  they could construct an algorithm better that knew the average Facebook user better than everyone apart from their spouse/partner. Based on users’ Facebook likes,  the researchers could accurately determine their personality better than friends, housemates or family members.

Extra significance has also been placed on Data Privacy Day in the wake of last year’s security breaches, data leaks and cyberattacks which involved large companies such as British Airways, Ashley Madison and TalkTalk.

Research conducted by YouGov last year revealed that 72 per cent of British adults are concerned about their private information online and hackers having unauthorised access to their data. It also revealed that 32 per cent of respondents would be willing to pay to protect their information online.

Data Privacy Day is held on 28 January to commemorate the 1981 US Congress signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty focusing on privacy and data protection. The organisers are urging businesspeople to create a culture of privacy at work by “teaching all employees what privacy means to your organization and the role they have in making sure privacy is achieved and maintained.”

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