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Baréz-Brown states that success in life and work are inextricably linked – to live an extraordinary life, he argues, you have to make work just as extraordinary. He sets out to inspire the reader to reach a point where they’re leaping out of bed every new work day, excited by the purpose and possibilities.

What’s right? The book is a handy size, making it perfect to put in a pocket or bag, and is designed to be easily digestible and interactive – inspiring quotes, graphics and areas to scribble your own notes all add to the practical can-do feel.

Why read this now? With burnout and information overload a concern for business leaders, work-life balance continues to rise up the agenda. Baréz-Brown sets out to break the work ‘addiction’ and move readers towards a more fulfilling balance of career and personal life, using real-life case studies (including fashion designer Sir Paul Smith) to exemplify.

Verdict On average we will spend 10,575 days working in a lifetime – and, Baréz-Brown compellingly argues, if those days aren’t spent doing something you love, then it’s a waste.


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Behiye Hassan

Behiye Hassan

Behiye Hassan has interviewed a range of directors on various topics. She specialises in travel and trends in working space and the entrepreneur community.

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