Farewell Ian Dormer


Ian Dormer has stepped down as IoD chairman after three years in the role

“Ian has made a significant contribution to the IoD – and I would like to thank him for his outstanding leadership and support,” says director general Simon Walker.

Dormer, who became an IoD member more than two decades ago, says the institute has always inspired him: “There is so much passion and commitment from the members and staff to make the IoD a better organisation that can deliver on its core philosophy – better directors, better business, better economy.

“Everyone in business, including myself, knows that we live in an ever-changing world. Like lots of organisations, the IoD is undergoing radical change, while preserving its core beliefs. There have been challenging times over the past three years, but I know the IoD is in a stronger place today and will hit new heights in the coming years.”

Dormer’s successor is Lady Barbara Judge, the IoD’s first female chair. “I would like to wish Ian the very best of luck for the future,” says Walker. “We look forward to working with Lady Barbara Judge to promote an innovative and competitive private sector,” he adds.


Name Ian Dormer

Role IoD chairman, 2012-2015

Other positions Managing director and owner of Rosh Engineering. He was formerly a board member of One North East and non-executive chairman of Enterprise Development North East

Member of IoD North East since 1992

Did you know? Dormer was educated at Essex University and Georgetown University in Washington DC. He started his working life as a journalist on the world’s oldest aviation magazine, Flight International

Read our interview with Lady Barbara Judge here

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