• Swedish island retreat

    Need some quality chill-out time? Then head for a remote island in the Stockholm archipelago and cocoon yourself in a space-age tent – you’ll return rejuvenated and revitalised
    After months of spinning plates – two businesses doing reasonably well, a glut of consulting work and one disastrous enterprise – I didn’t just need a getaway, I had […]

  • Relax at Raffles, Seychelles

    For the busy executive looking to wind down a few gears, Raffles Praslin in the Seychelles – and its animal inhabitants – can show the way to a truly relaxing state of being
    The 500-or-so giant tortoises that crawl over Curieuse Island in the Indian Ocean have, no mistaking it, an easy life. Some may have […]

  • Break out of Beijing

    The newly opened Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, an hour’s drive from Beijing, will give satisfying shape to a break from China’s frenetic capital. Those approaching the shores of Yanqi Lake at dusk, the best time to do so, are treated to an imposing silhouette nestling on the water’s edge. Located at the foot of Yanshan mountains, nearly […]

  • Sun-kissed St Lucia

    Revitalise body and soul at this stylish spa on sun-kissed St Lucia
    As the weather turns distinctly nippier, it’s sadly all-too often the cue for our bodies to start piling on the pounds again. Here’s the perfect antidote, in a truly gorgeous setting: a chance to recharge those corporate batteries in the run-up to the festive […]

  • The Sundãri treatment

    A prestigious hotel spa is bringing a holistic approach from the subcontinent to the heart of London. So just how effective is the Sundãri treatment?
    London’s InterContinental Hotel already has an incredible amount to recommend it: the views overlooking the royal parks, and the afternoon teas in the Wellington Room – widely considered the best in […]

  • Hellenic Healthy Holidays, Greece

    For a luxurious break that won’t punish your waistline, this boot camp retreat in beautiful Kefalonia could be the perfect escape
    Taking a break is good for the soul, but the drop in activity, coupled with gastronomic treats, can take its toll on your physique. Looking to get away and get trim, I discovered Hellenic Healthy […]