• Businesses must give young offenders a (jail) break

    Why businesses must give young offenders a (jail) break if the UK wishes to see re-offending rates reduced

  • Long-term employees

    Iqbal Wahhab on the blessings and curses of long-term employees

  • ‘Embrace knockdowns’

    Businesses that are risk averse are often missing out on opportunities that others dare to explore, writes Iqbal Wahab

  • Get ahead by volunteering

    There’s a very grumpy (but very successful) chief executive of a big City institution and, every time we meet, I challenge myself to see how quickly I can get him angry about something.
    My biggest slam-dunk in this deeply trivial pursuit was when I told him I heard that one of his rivals had implemented a policy […]

  • Give bankers a break?

    This may surprise you but I like bankers. Not just for the obvious reason that they lend me money for my businesses, but also because they enjoy spending their cash.
    Almost 30 years ago, a mini-social revolution occurred which the upper-middle classes abhorred – the rise of the ‘barrow boy’. Largely young working- class men from […]

  • Taxpayers or citizens first?

    Is it right to gauge corporate citizenship by our ability to pay taxes? Or could innovative ways of backing public funding allow us more ownership of collective problems?
    Under the last government a Labour minister asked me how I felt about having to pay its recently announced 50 per cent tax rate, and I surprised him […]

  • RIP social enterprise?

    Do you remember the Big Society bank? Indeed, do you remember the Big Society? There was a great Guardian cartoon a few years ago showing an armed robber going into a branch of the bank saying “this is a Big Society stick-up” to which the teller replies “we don’t have money as such…” and (holding […]

  • It’s all about the customer

    Chip and Dan Heath, in their brilliant book Made to Stick, engagingly discuss how to make your company’s core proposition not just communicable but also achievable. They cite the process of a US president telling chiefs of staff what he wants to achieve from a military operation. Generals pass objectives down to colonels who, in […]

  • Beware corporate yes men

    The first time I heard Emeli Sandé’s dreary song “Next to Me” about a boyfriend who doesn’t stay out late with the lads or go anywhere or do anything apart from stay by her side, I remember thinking that he sounds a dull fellow and she seems to prefer a poodle to a lover.
    Now that […]

  • Is curry our next big export?

    A couple of years ago the communities secretary, Eric Pickles, asked me to head a body of chefs and owners to encourage Indian restaurants in Britain to take on apprentices to both help tackle rising youth unemployment and also create a new talent pool. He made the request because it was becoming increasingly difficult to […]

  • Collective impact has power

    We all tend to live in our own bubbles. Businesses make goods and provide services that they hope will make them a profit. Governments devise laws and policies that civil servants then try to implement. People go to work to sustain themselves and raise their families. Charities identify problems and set about aiming to solve […]

  • Hope out of Africa

    “You must come to Togo.” That’s not something you hear every day, but then it’s not every day that you have lunch with Terry Waite. We were at the Cinnamon Club, full of rubber-necking politicians, but everyone noticed this national treasure – though at 6ft 7in, he’s hard to miss.
    I was telling him about a […]