• Digital policy ‘a priority’

    The public sector must invest more in technology, writes Ben Dowd, O2’s business director

  • Future of business schools

    Business schools that actively reform have the potential to reshape markets and produce the leaders of tomorrow, writes Ashish Jaiswal

  • Older workers matter

    Smarter management of long-serving executives can benefit companies and the wider economy, says Lisa Buckingham
    Last month an inside page of the Daily Telegraph carried juxtaposed two stories which illustrated perfectly the conundrum now being faced by business over the issue of older workers.
    The first carried the headline, “Older workers must pick their own retirement age”. […]

  • Diversity matters

    The outcome of the general election may be anything but certain. It is clear, however, that diversity will become increasingly important for business whatever the complexion of the incoming government.
    This year is, of course, ‘the zero hour’ for Lord Davies’s target that there should be 25 per cent of women in the boardrooms of FTSE […]

  • Embrace mobile payments

    Mobile payments offer major business opportunities, and organisations must work together to unlock their potential, writes Tej Kohli

  • Make flexible working work

    There are potentially big financial benefits and it helps you keep top talent too, says Lisa Buckingham
    Flexible and part-time working have, traditionally, been seen as benefiting (usually female) employees. They’re work patterns which companies are forced to grin and bear. They have certainly rarely been viewed as a way for organisations to achieve their strategic […]

  • Test of faith in the workplace

    More companies are making provisions for staff to embrace their religion at work – and the trend is paying off, writes Zaki Cooper

  • Diversity = better boards

    Only when there are sufficient numbers of female executive decision-makers rising to the top of boardrooms can there be a long-lasting difference to the nature of British business.
    Although there are no all-male boardrooms in the FTSE100, most of the positions for women on those boards are non-executive roles. The IoD believes strongly that greater diversity at […]

  • Reverse mentoring

    Engaging with young employees, and formalising the process of incorporating their perspectives into top-level strategy, can help companies grow while combating youth unemployment, writes Kerry Taylor

  • Unconscious bias hinders success

    Painting our daughters’ rooms pink, raising a quizzical eyebrow when they express a desire to study A-level physics or gently persuading the black sixth former that she might prefer nursing to studying medicine are, most of us now realise, devastatingly limiting stereotypical attitudes.
    Many of our prejudices we are aware of and can take action to […]

  • Business & journalism

    Over five decades, public interest in entrepreneurs, innovators and SME leaders has continued to grow but the core relationship between bosses and journalists remains unchanged, writes Dominic O’Connell

  • UK plc must improve race equality

    While most of British business struggles to improve the representation of women in boardrooms, focus is turning to another key diversity issue – race equality in senior management. The Labour Party has vowed to set ethnic targets for state-controlled bodies if it wins power. Although the IoD does not support quotas, we acknowledge that greater […]