How to write the perfect job advert

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Lee Biggins, the founder and managing director of CV-Library, offers his tips on how to create the perfect job advert to attract the ideal candidates

It’s safe to say that the majority of workers have embraced the rapidly-evolving digital era, and are conducting their job searches online.

But this opens a can of fraudulent worms for job hunters, as fake job adverts and scams await and remain a very real threat.

For businesses, it can impact potential talent pipelines, meaning that crafting a compelling job advert is crucial.

While creating the perfect job advert, which also looks 100 per cent legitimate, may seem like a challenge, it’s actually fairly simple – here are the basics you should follow:

Create a job advert, not just a job description

Remember, your advert is not a job description and therefore should not need to include every element of the role you are advertising.

Providing enough information that will encourage people to send over their CV is the best approach to take. Attracting candidates to open the full job advert is paramount.

However, the increase and risk of fake job adverts means that it’s no longer an option to sensationalise the job title or heading, as candidates are savvy, and may see this as a scam.

For example, using a title such as “No Experience Required” is risky; this is a well-known phrase used by scammers, so even if your posting is legitimate, it could flag alarm bells for candidates.

Include the essentials

Another classic sign of a job scam comes in the form of postings which promise candidates the opportunity to earn sky-high salaries from home and provide little information about the company in question.

Ensuring that you include the job title, salary, location and company background where possible is important and helps job hunters to understand whether the role is suited to them.

This initial screening process is important and can also prevent you from having to sift through hundreds of applicants which may not be suitable.

The key is to be clear, and ensure that you let job hunters know exactly what you’re looking for.

Break it up 

Long chunks of text are never going to cut it with candidates, especially as many are growing increasingly impatient with their job hunt.

By using subheadings and bullet points you can break up your advert nicely and make sure you address the key sections informatively and concisely: the job role, key tasks and responsibilities, essential skills and/or qualifications, any company USPs.

Finally, it’s essential that you proof read, then proof read again – you don’t want talented candidates to be deterred by something as simple as spelling and grammar mistakes.

Ultimately, businesses are being forced to become more creative with their job adverts, to ensure that they attract the right calibre of applicants, without looking like they could be fraudulent postings.

Your job adverts will be the first insight a candidate has into your company and your brand in general.

It’s essential that this first impression is positive; by taking the time to craft each job advert and ensure that it looks authentic and legitimate, you’ll be one step closer to attracting the right calibre of applicants.

Including the key details such as location, role and salary, and presenting them in a compelling and exciting way is crucial, and should result in job hunters engaging with your business and applying to your roles.

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