Use online reviews to motivate staff, says Trustpilot’s Alan Duncan

Thumbs up or down for online reviews

Online reviews may seem a necessary evil if they don’t tell businesses what they want to hear. But even the worst can be used to encourage staff, build teamwork and improve the customer experience, writes Alan Duncan of Trustpilot

Perfecting the customer experience should be a priority for any business leader. But, while it’s essential for senior management to place the customer at the heart of the business, responsibility shouldn’t rest solely with the leadership team. Customers want to feel valued every step of the way and with every interaction they have with your company. All staff have a crucial role to play and should be encouraged to work together to meet – and exceed – customer expectations.

Embracing online feedback is a great way to do this. Increasingly, customers share their experiences, both good and bad, online, whether you like it or not. You do have some choice in the matter, though: either ignore feedback you don’t like or utilise the vast wealth of information online reviews can offer.

They can help you assess what you’re doing right or what might need improving. But it’s essential that this information be shared and addressed at all levels.

Here are our top tips for how you can use online reviews to motivate staff and ultimately ensure teams work together to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Put online reviews on show

First, ensure your company’s reviews are visible to as many employees as possible. Encourage staff to check your company profile on review sites regularly, or share the most insightful reviews in team meetings or company newsletters.

You could even go as far as emailing every review to the whole organisation. But there are more innovative ways of sharing them; for example, Vision Express has placed screens around its offices, producing a live stream of the company’s incoming reviews on Trustpilot.

Address negative feedback together

It’s important for everyone to learn from negative feedback. Addressing it together with all team members will show employees that they have an important role to play in improving the customer journey. Discuss negative feedback during company meetings, and encourage everyone to suggest new ways of working in order to improve service or ensure the mistakes don’t happen again.

Celebrate positive reviews

Positive feedback is equally significant. Good reviews are a clear indication that teams are delivering excellent customer service and this should be celebrated. Rewarding your teams for positive reviews and making sure these are properly acknowledged will keep everyone motivated.

Being open and transparent with reviews will help to create a cooperative environment. By taking these few simple steps, you’ll show your employees that you take your online reviews and customer experience seriously, thus encouraging them to do so also.

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Alan Duncan

Alan Duncan

Alan Duncan is marketing director at global online review community Trustpilot. Prior to this, he worked as sales and marketing director for Upad and as marketing director for PlayStation UK.

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