Chartered Director: gold standard in executive leadership

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The Chartered Director qualification is the pinnacle of professionalism in the executive world, says business strategist, thought leader and newly qualified CDir Yahya Shakweh

I have recently become a chartered director, following the successful completion of the IoD’s Chartered Director programme. I invested in this programme to test my credentials as a professional director, while benefiting from the learning opportunities provided by its unique approach of mixing theory with the hands-on experience of top-level professionals.

Successful completion of this programme entails passing three professionally recognised qualifications: the Certificate in Company Direction (Cert IoD), the Diploma in Company Direction (Dip IoD) and finally the Chartered Director accreditation (CDir).

The programme’s learning approach is based on strategically focused and interactive material which includes scenarios and critical reviews of case studies, all delivered through group activities. Its contents, developed and delivered by experienced professional directors, are straight to the point and predominantly an amalgamation of modules combining short courses with e-learning. This ensures time is effectively used.

For my own experience, the Chartered Director programme was very rewarding and extended well beyond the professional qualification. In spite of years of executive professional experience at board level, I was able to refresh my knowledge, sharpen my skills on board dynamics and their changing priorities, and meet likeminded people from different sectors and professional backgrounds.

I am now much more confident of my abilities and professional judgement in being able to direct an organisation from a strategic perspective. And I am better placed to apply industry best practice to maintain compliance with rules and regulations. Lastly, it has made me aware of my own limitations and the need for diversification at the board level and for independent non-executive directors.

Chartered Director: the benefits

I feel this programme really raises the competency and professionalism of the participants to the next level by:

  • enabling directors to clearly identify aspects of their roles and responsibilities and continuously develop them
  • providing hands-on expertise and knowledge not easily found anywhere else, with a perfect mix of theory and practical application
  • benchmarking directors’ own knowledge, skills and capabilities both against their peers and established good practice, while enjoying excellent networking opportunities

It ultimately enhances the career prospects of individual directors as an executive or non-executive director.

Judging by the quality of participants I came across, the depth and breadth of the programme, and my interaction with those already qualified, I have no doubt that having a chartered director on any board would create distinct shareholder value.

The tremendous range of skills, competencies and collective knowledge acquired by a chartered director can improve the board’s effectiveness and raise individual directors’ personal contribution to its performance.

Furthermore, chartered directors bring with them a powerful professional network that can create shareholder value, business leadership and sound corporate governance, all through leveraging the widespread competencies at strategic and tactical levels, as well as from across all sectors, industries and countries.

It is my personal belief that the Chartered Director qualification represents the gold standard in executive leadership, and for those who dare to take the journey towards professional accreditation, it is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying professional investment. I recommend it to all directors.

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Yahya Shakweh

Yahya Shakweh

Dr Yahya Shakweh is a chartered director, established executive, business strategist, thought leader, director and adviser.

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