Avast Battery Saver for Android phone app reviewed

The Avast Battery Saver app displayed on an Android phone

Director tests the Avast Battery Saver phone app for Android to see if it helps slow the smartphone power drain

Being caught on the move without your phone charger can be an unshakeable distraction – the power bar becoming your mortal enemy as you ponder how much that next call is going to sap from your precious remaining ‘juice’.

Luckily, if you’re an Android user (Apple isn’t so keen on apps that access battery info), there’s a raft of apps that promise to slow the power drain.

The best Director tested was this user-friendly free offering from anti-virus giant Avast. At just 6MB, it won’t dent download limits, but it gets to work right away – breaking the news of just how many minutes of power you have left before snitching on the apps that are proving the biggest drain.

With your consent, it will shut them down and tell you how much time you saved (in this case a bonus 34 minutes). Yes, there are ads, but as it’s one for emergencies only, that’s a whole lot better than a stone-dead smartphone.

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