• Virgin Australia: CNS to BNE

    Director sampled the service on a flight from Cairns to Brisbane

  • Sun-kissed St Lucia

    Revitalise body and soul at this stylish spa on sun-kissed St Lucia
    As the weather turns distinctly nippier, it’s sadly all-too often the cue for our bodies to start piling on the pounds again. Here’s the perfect antidote, in a truly gorgeous setting: a chance to recharge those corporate batteries in the run-up to the festive […]

  • Cut the cost of currency exchange

    Does your company make regular money transfers across international borders? Experts explain how you could save thousands of pounds on each transaction by cutting out the middle-man
    Transferring money internationally is a key part of day-to-day operations for organisations of all sizes. But this practice can often be overlooked when it comes to implementing cost-cutting measures. […]

  • Bidding for public sector contracts

    With new rules coming into force on the government contract playing field, SMEs need to rethink how to tackle tendering in this lucrative sector. Sally Collier, chief executive of the Crown Commercial Service, offers some insider insights to potential bidders
    1. Take every chance to seize the day
    Collier says: “We’re open for business – particularly when it comes […]

  • Want staff to recycle? Be proactive…

    Half of those questioned are still confused about what they can recycle

  • Turning clicks into sales

    If customers visit your website in droves but few buy from you online there are steps you can take to change all that. Experts tell us how to convert clicks into cash. Traffic – on the information highway, at least – is always a good thing. The more people clicking their way through to your e-commerce […]

  • Responding to global risks

    A practical guide for business leaders
    Click here to download the PDF

  • Hellenic Healthy Holidays, Greece

    For a luxurious break that won’t punish your waistline, this boot camp retreat in beautiful Kefalonia could be the perfect escape
    Taking a break is good for the soul, but the drop in activity, coupled with gastronomic treats, can take its toll on your physique. Looking to get away and get trim, I discovered Hellenic Healthy […]

  • How to… drive revenue growth

    Leslie Hines, partner at Revenue Performance Management Group International, offers eight tips

  • Dubai: city of the future

    With a dynamic commercial environment and unmissable entertainment opportunities, the City of Gold has everything to offer the serious business traveller. Dubai has come a long way since its origins as a little village built on a mangrove swamp on the south-east coast of the Persian Gulf, inhabited by Nomadic cattle-herders.
    If less than 20 years ago […]

  • Behind the scenes: Piers Linney

    Go behind the scenes at Director magazine’s cover shoot with Piers Linney. The co-founder of Outsourcery and star of Dragons’ Den was photographed for Director magazine’s June 2014 issue

  • How to make a successful acquisition

    Stronger market presence, new revenue streams, an expansion of your client base – there are many advantages to acquiring a business. But it’s not without challenges. Steve Anstey, managing director SME division at M&A adviser BCMS, offers 10 tips for prospective buyers
    1. Don’t acquire for acquisition’s sake
    Anstey says: “One of the biggest pitfalls acquirers make is not […]