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Virgin Trains makes life smoother for business travellers – it offers a larger city-to-city network than ever before, onboard WiFi, First Class lounges and the chance to be more productive by leaving your car at home

This meeting is the game-changer. You’ve been preparing for weeks, head down, pulling out all the stops to impress and in just a few hours, you’ll be in performance mode.

There’s a distance of just 200 miles between you and the most important pitch of your life. It’s crunch time and you need the next two hours to run smoothly. That’s when you get into the zone, de-stress, and stop all distractions.

Virgin Trains sees journeys like this made every day, as its customers chase big dreams, tackle important meetings and, at the end of the day, make their way back home. That’s thousands of miles, hundreds of cups of coffee and more than one or two deals done along the way.

Advertorial. Virgin Trains connect for successFrom Scotland to London, Virgin Trains is now connecting some of Britain’s biggest cities and millions more people, serving over 90 stations and running both East and West Coast lines. Research has shown that driving in traffic and over long distances increases anxiety – as battling through congestion and falling victim to unreliable journey times makes drivers feel out of control. It also amounts to hours lost, staring at the tarmac ahead instead of ‘getting stuff done’.

Virgin Trains connects city centres directly, allowing customers to leave the car at home, arriving at their destination fully refreshed with a few hours’ work under their belt. And with direct services from Edinburgh to London in as fast as four hours, there is no need to travel by plane, when queuing
for check-in, waiting in the departures lounge and travelling at the other end can make your journey take longer.

A First Class experience

Advertorial. Virgin Trains connect for successFor travellers who want to take it up a notch, Virgin Trains has business areas in First Class lounges across the network, where customers can start their day with a newspaper and a coffee, instead of at a petrol pump. With a new refurbishment plan about to launch for Virgin Trains customers on the East Coast, these areas are set to be even better, a place to relax and get away from the crowds before the journey ahead. On board, you can hang up your coat and settle in, fuel up for the day ahead with a hot breakfast and fire through the emails, arriving with a clear head and a clean suit.

Free WiFi in First Class, a plug point at all seats and extra leg room means you can make the space your own. What’s more, big changes are coming along the East Coast route following a £21m investment in the fleet, taking the service onwards and upwards. You’ll see new carpets, seats, lighting, tables and toilets, and there will be even more exciting announcements throughout 2016 leading up to brand new trains in 2018.

So, travel in both comfort and style – whether it’s on your way to win new business, deliver a major presentation or seek your next big sale, Virgin Trains will make sure you get there at your best, and ultimately, be bound for glory.

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