The one small gesture that can make a big difference

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nespresso-logoCoffee is a key employee benefit… it can keep staff motivated, boost employee wellbeing and spark creativity, says Ian McDonald of Nespresso UK. Enter the prize draw competition below to win a Nespresso Zenius coffee machine for your workplace

A nice birthday card, an occasional thank-you note or a good cup of coffee – people more than ever appreciate little gestures in the workplace. These “soft benefits” can create great first impressions and show employees that they are valued. They help to develop loyalty, boost morale and bring the team closer together.

Over recent years, it has become clear that coffee is considered an important employee benefit, increasing wellbeing and creating a sense of being valued. In an increasingly competitive labour market, where great talent is in short supply, there has been a new focus on the perks besides the pay package that help attract and retain the best staff.

Ian McDonald, commercial business manager at Nespresso, says: “In my discussions with customers across the UK, keeping staff motivated and engaged is commonly cited as a key priority. However, to achieve this goal, it does not necessarily need a costly campaign. Seemingly small efforts like a quality coffee machine can make a big difference.”

On behalf of Nespresso, ComRes surveyed workers across creative, communications, technology, HR, financial and legal firms and found that coffee was ranked by 70 per cent of people questioned as a workplace perk that companies can and should provide. One in 10 (11 per cent) would even reject a job offer on the basis of the coffee provided at the interview.

“People’s expectations have increased”, says McDonald. “They are used to getting a very nice coffee in restaurants, cafés and hotels, and would like the same at work. Additionally, people are increasingly asking how an organisation matches their personal values and will impact on their wellbeing. It’s therefore important for a company to have a compelling employer value proposition.”

Coffee: a boon for business

Providing a good quality coffee break for staff makes great business sense for many reasons. The change in rhythm that a coffee break inserts in the day has shown several benefits. Merely stepping away from your desk can often help approach tasks from a fresh viewpoint and find solutions to complex issues.

ComRes research found that two out of five employees had a creative idea during a coffee break, and more than a third had solved a difficult problem at that point of the day. Often a chat with colleagues to gain new insights can make taking tough decisions easier.

The survey found that 28 per cent of staff made an important business decision while on a coffee break. This shows that sometimes a quality cup of coffee is all it takes to find inspiration and look at a problem from a new perspective.

Coffee has proven to be a great return on investment, fuelling board meetings and creating shared experiences among employees of all levels. Today, the coffee break itself has become an established part of the working day and a majority of people (61 per cent) even think coffee is a now part of British business culture.

Nespresso believes that every company has the potential to become a success story. Providing a welcoming work environment, where employees feel valued, can begin with something as simple as a quality cup of coffee.

With Nespresso, people can create much loved favourites, such as cappuccino, latte, espresso and americano, using one of the 13 available Grand Crus. Ian McDonald sums it up: “It’s easy to make, it’s quick to make and results in a consistent high-quality coffee time after time.”


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