The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload by Daniel J Levitin

The Organized Mind by Daniel J Levitin

Are you busy, stressed and often tired? The Organized Mind by Daniel J Levitin will reveal not only why, but what to do about it and even achieve the nirvana of ‘flow’ – a creative, heightened state of mind, untroubled by fear.

Psychology professor Daniel Levitin unmasks how our brains are poorly suited to the complex and overwhelming information demands of modern life. Chief culprit is multi-tasking – constantly switching between email, Twitter, Facebook and web news pages.

An organised mind, though, systematically externalises memory and reaps the biggest rewards from deeper concentration by staying on just one task at a time. A must-read for any harried executive.

Now out in paperback, published by Penguin, £6.99


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Dan Lewis

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