What’s the secret to retaining talent?

Alison Esse retaining talent

We asked June’s contributors the secret to retaining the best talent in their organisation. Here’s what they said…

Karen Hester on retaining talentKaren Hester
Chief operating officer, Adnams

Treat individuals as exactly that. Encourage ownership of decisions and the right environment for individuals to grow within the business. Invest in talent wisely ensuring you ‘hear’ the quiet ones. Coach and mentor talent to be resilient mentally as well as physically. Above all, show humility – you too were once rising talent.

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Lyndsey Simpson on retaining talentLyndsey Simpson  
Co-owner, The Curve Group   

The best way to keep talent is to actively encourage a diverse group of people who come at things from a different angle to you and celebrate that difference rather than try to make them conform. I have also found that it helps if you treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. Treat staff like adults who can be trusted to do the right thing.

Simpson took part in our June partnerships interview


Daniel Thomas on retaining talentDaniel Thomas   
Founder, Danz Spas

A good approach to keeping your brightest talent is to sit down and give some serious thought as to how the aims of the business can tie up with your team’s personal goals. For example, where do they want to be in five years’ time? And how can you match that up to where the business ought to be in five years’ time?

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Alison Esse on retaining talentAlison Esse   
Co-founder, The Storytellers

An emotionally compelling, simple and clear strategic narrative of the journey the business is on helps build pride, purpose and belief. Involving people in dialogue and conversation about how they can contribute to the success of the company will keep them engaged and connected – both rationally and emotionally.

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Jason Stockwood on retaining talentJason Stockwood 
Chief executive, Simply Business

The key to retaining talent is building an organisation with people at its heart. In practical terms, this means listening to employees at every stage and making sure that the business works for them as much as they work for it. Celebrations, charity work, career development, and office culture – all these things are vital for keeping the best people.

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Jason Kingsley on retaining talentJason Kingsley
Co-founder, Rebellion

Retaining the best talent shouldn’t be a secret. In my experience, it’s a case of keeping it simple. Make sure you employ the best people you can find. Treat them as well as you can. It’s important to respect their abilities. Listen to what they have to say and when they do something good, tell them so and thank them.

Jason Kingsley co-founded games empire Rebellion in 1992 – it now has an annual turnover of more than £12m. He shares his ideas and inspiration here


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