Mophie Space Pack

Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 6

We take a look at the Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 6…

We’ve all suffered the indignity of a dead phone battery. At best it’s inconvenient; at worst it can tip the balance in a make-or-break situation.

Luckily, Mophie’s latest creation – the Space Pack – boasts 100 per cent extra battery life at the tap of a button, and up to 128gb of extra storage with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

The case slots into the lightning port, providing additional juice on demand, without obstructing the vital mute, volume or headphone ports.

It adds slightly more bulk than your typical phone case, but the extra storage space is a big plus. And the real game-changer is the life support for your battery – meaning your days of scouring pubs for plug sockets after leaving the office are well and truly over.

Launches late June, from £129.95 for 32gb storage capacity

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