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An IoD development course has helped inspire one member to commission a coruscating wall mural, reflecting his company’s personality

Richard Hunt, founder and managing director of London-based IT security company Turnkey Consulting, commissioned the artwork for his office after learning about the importance of company culture while studying for the IoD’s Certificate in Company Direction.

“While studying for the IoD Certificate, we looked at the director’s role in leading the organisation,” says Hunt, a member of IoD London. “This discussed the role of company culture, defining it as a combination of the shared values and principles that the organisation follows, and the shared experiences of the people within it.”

“My objective was to capture Turnkey’s culture in a way that demonstrated to everyone within the organisation the role they played in shaping the company,” he adds.

“Representing this visually, rather than in writing, was a way to bring it to life and draw peoples’ attention to it, and office renovations provided the ideal opportunity to create something that was both innovative and meaningful…”

Hunt commissioned artist Vic Lee ( to create the wall mural in ‘Turnkey Towers’ (so-called after a staffer remarked that the office “wasn’t exactly Trump Towers”).

Along with the IoD Certificate in Company Direction course, inspiration came from staff anecdotes as varied as wardrobe malfunctions (one employee once attended a client meeting in odd shoes) and a trumpet enthusiast who once unexpectedly barged his way onto stage during an awards ceremony.

“The wall mural is a real-life reflection of who we are as an organisation and recognises that company culture is defined by people and their shared experiences, rather than words buried in the corporate handbook,” says Hunt.

Turnkey Consulting was founded in 2004 and has offices in the UK, Australia, Germany, the Far East and US.


To find out more about the IoD course that inspired  Hunt, visit


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