5 best sandwiches for business

British sandwich week

There’s no mistaking Britain’s love affair with the humble sandwich – 1.69 billion are estimated to be bought on the go every year, with the industry thought to be worth £2.8bn. British Sandwich Week starts today, and Director picks the star sarnies for leadership success…

Slice the competition… with avocado and tomato. The healthy fats in avocados can reduce the risk of heart disease and boost the energy you need to keep on fighting, while the lycopene in tomatoes can help prevent some cancers.


Avocado and tomato

Rise to the occasion… before that big presentation with pastrami on rye. Pastrami is packed with protein and is high in sodium nitrate, which aids muscle recovery. Rye has a lower GI than some other bread and should help keep energy levels constant.


Pastrami on rye

Keep the good times rolling… with tuna. The health benefits of tuna include guarding against stroke, plus lowering blood pressure and ‘bad’ cholesterol. It’s also packed with beneficial B vitamins. Vacancy at the top? Not likely.



Make more dough… with salmon and cucumber. A sharper mind could lead to great ideas, and a sharp spike in that share price. The omega-3 fats in salmon contribute to healthy brain function, while cucumber rehydrates the body and flushes out toxins.


Salmon and cucumber

Bloom-er in the boardroom… with chicken on white. Hitting the gym before a board meeting will have
you firing on all cylinders. Protein-rich chicken in a white slice post-workout will help your muscles
recover and rebuild.


Chicken on white bread


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