Britain: a nation of ‘Passionpreneurs’

Passionpreneurs aspire to launch businesses related to hobby such as coffee shops

Food, drink and sport topped a list of desirable sectors, in a survey showing Britain to be a nation of ‘Passionpreneurs’. 

A survey by direct selling company Amway UK has found that 80 per cent of UK workers would, were money no object, happily ditch their existing day jobs to launch a new venture related to their hobbies – thus becoming part of a new wave of ‘Passionpreneurs’.

The research, which surveyed 2,000 people, found almost half of Britons have little or no interest in their current careers, and that 45 is the most common age at which we lose our passion for our jobs.

Women respondents were found to be enthused by running a food and drink business (26 per cent), while men were more likely to aspire towards outdoor activities and sport (30 per cent).

The Top 5 British passionpreneur role models, meanwhile turned out to be Richard Branson, JK Rowling, Lord Sugar, Jamie Oliver and David Beckham.

The top ten passions that British workers would like to turn into a business were found to be as follows: Food & Drink (21%);    Sport & Fitness (12%); Creative Arts (9%); Home Design (8%); Fashion Design (7.8%); Digital & IT Innovation (7.6%) ‘Boys Toys’ (6.6%); Journalism/Blogging (6.2%); Wellbeing (5.3%) and The Performing Arts (4.4%).

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