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Director skips check-in with the Gate8 Tri-fold Garment Mate, an innovative piece of hand luggage aimed at the business traveller

One of the most noticeable changes since the rise of the low-cost airlines has been the increase in travellers flying only with hand luggage. Passengers benefit from not having to pay extra to check in bags while airlines are rewarded with lower ground-handling charges and tighter turnarounds. Even in business class on long-haul flights it’s not unusual to see businesspeople travelling light, barely needing the perk of extra overhead lockers offered to them, in order to speed up their journey through the arrival airport. However with many business trips lasting between one and three days it can be a juggling act to pack enough belongings into one case – and to look half decent when you get changed into your crumpled wares.

This is where the Gate8 Garment Mate comes into play. In travel mode the sturdy bag on wheels measures 53x36x15cm and fits neatly into those annoying hand luggage crates that budget airlines love to scare us with at the boarding gate. It was designed by entrepreneur and Gate8 founder Alistair Callender, a former IT consultant and frequent flyer who realised there was no single-solution piece of hand luggage that met the needs of the business traveller who makes one-to-three day trips.

The ‘tri-fold’ design means the Gate8 Garment Mate unzips, unfastens and unfolds into a large hanging garment bag not dissimilar to a suit bag. The exterior is made of ballistic strength nylon with a water repellent coating while the interior is lined. A fully hung suit and up to five shirts can fit comfortably inside. Extra zip-up pouches are perfect for separating shoes, toiletries, personal items and dirty laundry. A hanger clasp on a chain is included to store the unfolded bag inside a hotel wardrobe.

An exterior pocket is particularly suited for easy access to toiletries during security screening – a clear wash-bag adhering to flight regulations is even provided.

Also included is a separate padded laptop bag which can be zipped on to the main bag. This is perfect for easy access during airport security or while aboard the flight. It’s also a convenient size to take to meetings while on your trip, allowing you to leave the main part of the luggage behind at your hotel. There’s even an iPad pocked inside too.

In travel mode the combination of a comfy handle, padded shoulder strap and a sturdy tidy-away periscopic handle ensures the Gate8 Garment Mate looks stylish enough for the most discerning first-class passenger whether you’re carrying it on your hand, over the shoulder or wheeling it through the terminal.

This is a durable, stylish piece of kit that does a fine job of ensuring you arrive at your destination looking smart and crease-free.

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Richard Dunnett

Richard Dunnett

Richard Dunnett has been the associate editor of Director magazine since March 2013. He writes about entrepreneurs, SMEs, FTSE 100 corporations, technology, manufacturing, media and sustainability.

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