Tech in 2016: predictions for the year ahead


Join Jimmy McLoughlin, deputy director of policy at the IoD, for a journey into the future of technology at the Tech in 2016 morning at 116 Pall Mall

Self-driving cars, 3D printing, big data, the Internet of Things… the pace of technological change is rapid, and accelerating. Anticipating the next big tech developments can provide a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes. With this in mind Jimmy McLoughlin, the IoD’s deputy director of policy, will be sharing his thoughts in a free event on what will and won’t be making the technology headlines in 2016.

The Tech in 2016 morning will see McLoughlin examine the UK’s position as a world leader in the internet economy, before making forecasts for the year ahead – including developments in the tech-fuelled alternative finance sector and the need-to-know on major players in the rapidly advancing Internet of Things. There will also be a forthright examination of last year’s predictions to see what the IoD got right, and what we might have missed.

“The UK is fertile ground for creative thinkers, with the public very willing to adopt technologies that make their lives better,” says McLoughlin. “New products and services are part of a virtuous cycle, with each development creating more appetite among consumers. We can never be sure exactly what the next big idea will be, but we can look at the trends and give companies the chance to ride the next wave of innovation.”

Tech in 2016, 19 January, 116 Pall Mall. Visit for more information


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