Hunted: Channel 4 show seeks business people to take part

Hunted show on Channel 4 seeks business people to take part

Hunted, the hit Channel 4 show in which willing participants go on the run for 28 days to evade capture, is looking to the business community  to take part in the new series…

The new year is well underway, inboxes and diaries are filling up and the Christmas break may already feel like a distant memory. As directors will understand better than most, ‘breaks’ rarely mean that anymore. We’ve all read the articles advocating ‘digital detoxes’, the wonders of the four-hour week and heard rumours about just how liberating switching off emails at 5.30pm on a Friday can be. But most of us stop there – we read, smile, and think ‘it’s alright for some.’

Well, if your New Year resolution is to at least try and find time to switch off once in a while, how about taking a slightly different kind of break in 2016?

Channel 4’s hit TV show, Hunted, is returning for a second season and the production team is looking for high-flying business people to take part. The show sees willing participants, dubbed ‘fugitives’, forced on the run for 28 days as they try to evade capture by a crack team of surveillance experts, former police officers and spooks. Armed with a little cash and whatever belongings they can carry round with them, ‘fugitives’ must roam the UK, keeping a low profile and avoiding ‘hunters’ who have the latest in satellite technology and digital surveillance techniques at their disposal.

This year, there’s an even greater incentive to evade capture, with a £100,000 prize to be shared among those who can survive four weeks on the run. Only a handful managed it last time, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, head over to before 24 January to apply.

Hunted: watch more

For clips and interviews from the first series of Hunted go to the All 4 website 

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