What do entrepreneurs read?


What do entrepreneurs read? We asked contributors to the March issue of Director magazine to tell us about their most inspiring business books 

MartinLindstrom1Martin Lindstrom

Branding expert, author 

When I picked up Ogilvy on Advertising in 1983, it came to define my life and career. The passion in David Ogilvy’s writing, the mystery of advertising, the impact it had on people and the craftsmanship of the industry was so irresistible that my path was laid out in stone for me. I was 13 and I’m just as much in love with the industry as I was then.



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News_Higham2_April15William Higham

CEO, Next Big Thing

The Popcorn Report by Faith Popcorn. I stumbled on this in the Nineties while in the music industry. I’d never heard of trend forecasting, but the way she used changing consumer attitudes to predict future behaviours really chimed with what I’d seen in music. I was hooked. Shortly after, I packed in my music job and started predicting trends for a living.


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Sunday trading debate Peter VeashPeter Veash

CEO and founder, The BIO Agency

Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen J Dubner. The insight they give on the world around us is still ahead of its time and explains a lot about both our human and business behaviour. The demonstration that economics is at the root of how people get what they want or need is something we assume but should take more note of.


The BIO Agency 

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Carrie Morris Booka BookshopCarrie Morris

Founder, Booka

Reasons to Stay Alive by the British novelist and journalist Matt Haig. It’s a book he wrote about depression, but I think anyone could read it and get something out of it in terms of an overall attitude to life. As he said himself, it’s a book about depression that isn’t depressing – it’s life-affirming in many ways, and very inspirational.



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David MilnerDavid Milner

CEO, Tyrrells Crisps

I am a huge fan of PG Wodehouse, especially his Blandings Castle series. Tyrrells celebrates all that is eccentric and entertaining about the English, mostly through our packaging and the humorous black and white photos we choose for the front of our packs. The more eccentric and witty the better in my view.



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Louisechunn gifLouise Chunn

Founder, Welldoing.org

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is a digital must-read, encouraging innovation, research and the flexibility to change when things don’t go the way you expected.
The Examined Life by psychotherapist Stephen Grosz is a compilation of stories that he has heard in his consulting room. Together they’re inspiring me to help people.



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