TabletRiser Review

TabletRiser reviewed

The new TabletRiser from BakkerElkhuizen is designed to combat posture problems from protracted tablet use. Robert Aldous puts it to the test

Tablets may be easy to use, but that doesn’t always make them user-friendly. While they’re undoubtedly great for short bursts of activity, hours of use day in, day out isn’t great for your posture.

The TabletRiser from BakkerElkhuizen doubles up as both tablet stand and case, so you can easily take it with you and, hopefully, work on your iPad for hours on end without worrying about backache, stiff shoulders or a pain in the neck.

I was fortunate enough to test the TabletRiser over a week while regularly commuting to London and abroad. It flips open to become an easy-to-use workplace, adjustable to different heights and positions.

I enjoyed the multiple angles, uses and aspects that the riser allowed me, whether on a train, a plane, in a café or in a meeting.

The TabletRiser did take the pressure off my back for long periods of time and the fact that I could remove my iPad was of great use when on a plane. I appreciated the brushed aluminium cover and felt that it gave my tablet the necessary protection.

Personally, I always take a note pad and iPhone with me, plus cables etc, so I would struggle to fit everything in with this as a standalone work case. And at a recommended retail price of £119.00, I feel the TabletRiser may struggle to compete against a cheaper standard riser which can be placed in a satchel.

I love the feel and protection, though, and I would recommend the cover for those who like to travel light and in style, secure in the knowledge their tablet will come to no harm.

The quality doesn’t quite match up to the price tag for me as it can be cumbersome to unfold it, and to fit the tablet, but it may suit some. If you like minimal items on a business day trip, run your life through a tablet, and would appreciate the added security of its case, then the TabletRiser could be for you.

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Visit the official website here for more details and specifications.

Robert Aldous is a member of IoD London


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