Meal plans tried and tested

Meal plans tested: he Man Plan, Jane Plan

A hectic work schedule can make it tricky to maintain a healthy diet. Three IoD members test out meal plans – ingredients for all meals delivered to your door along with advice on healthy cooking – to see if they can restore the balance they need

Meal plan tested: Super Boost Body, The Pure Package, from £29.95 per day

Meal plans tried and tested Super Boost Body, The Pure PackagePromise Helps you eat more healthily
Meal plan tested by Anna Cameron, founder, Babysitters of Kensington & Chelsea

Anna Cameron tests Super Boost Body meal plansMy diet is fairly healthy. I eat three meals a day and don’t eat a lot of junk food. But working full time means less time to plan and shop – and I hate cooking. I was sceptical as to how tasty these menus would be and whether the portion sizes would fill me up. Before starting I spoke to a lovely lady called Frankie, who asked about my general diet and what food I don’t like. The food arrived in a cooler bag each day. I loved having all my meals delivered and not having to think about it. The variety was much broader than usual, as I tend to stick to variations of the same food. It’s convenient, the portions are spot-on and the quality is extremely high. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know, and was really impressed with the service and food quality. I consider myself quite a healthy person so I didn’t notice a huge difference (I don’t think you would in a week unless your diet was changing drastically). However, receiving a new bag each day made me very happy. Anna Cameron is a member of IoD London and IoD 99


Meal plan tested: The Man Plan, Jane Plan, £8.89 per day (one-month plan)

Meal plans tested: he Man Plan, Jane PlanPromise Helps reduce your weight
Meal plan tested by John Boyce, managing director, JJ Collect

John Boyce tests The Man Plan meal plans from Jane PlanI usually have three meals a day, but sometimes I skip breakfast for an early meeting. At first sight, it was clear The Man Plan had a variety of different meals, and you can add vegetables and fruit. My complete meal plan arrived late due to courier problems as some items had initially been left out, but overall it began very well. They contacted me the day before I started and went through some questions regarding what I wanted from the plan, also what I needed to do on the first morning (such as weighing myself and so on). The meals are pre-prepared, so I enjoyed not having to do anything, and also knowing what I was eating each day. After the first week my energy had improved, which was a bonus. I certainly felt lighter, but it probably takes a while to show on the scales. I would recommend it if you are on a tight work schedule and want to kick-start your diet without the fuss of preparing your own food. John Boyce is a member of IoD Reading

Meal plan tested: Diet Chef 4 week plan, £245

Meal plans tested iet Chef 4 week plan

Promise Helps you lose weight
Meal plan tested by Andy Wilkinson, managing director, OWB Creative Communications

Andy Wilkinson tests Diet Chef meal plansI wasn’t familiar with meal plans and was intrigued by this. My current diet is good, albeit with too many lunches out with clients. An early train often means skipping breakfast, then picking something up on the hoof, which isn’t great – especially when trying to teach your kids the importance of a good diet. The box was loaded with bright Diet Chef goodies and, coming in one giant package, was quite exciting. Inside was a great welcome leaflet, outlining the plan and some handy tips. The programme was very regimented and broke down into four-day parts. I liked the balance piece around how to add fruit and veg. The food was all very nice, tasty and intriguing… though the pasta pot reminded me of a Pot Noodle. I would recommend it if you need to diet – it does give you structure. But you really need a non-peripatetic lifestyle to regulate your intake daily. To lose weight, you need to ensure it is integrated with, say, use of the gym. It’s not a quick win. Andy Wilkinson is a member of IoD West Midlands

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