Crease-resistant suits tried and tested

Crease-resistant suits reviewed

Want your business attire to be smart enough to weather a hectic day of travel and meetings – and still remain as sharp as 007’s? Crease-resistant suits could be the answer. We put three to the test…

Paul Crilly, managing director, Not Just Cleaning

Reviewed Austin Reed travel suit, jacket £269, trousers £130

Crease-restistant suits tested by Paul CrillyI’m a suit man; I like wearing them and I know what I want from them. Even at weekends I am happiest in a suit.

When I received this one from Austin Reed, it had certainly travelled well and came out of the package ready to wear, which created a positive first impression. After the first wear, the shape and cut of the suit further enhanced my initial impression.

I am a regular traveller so suits have to be both aesthetically pleasing and durable, and this one did not disappoint. It was as impressive at my 5pm meetings as it was for those at 8.30am.

Similarly, at the end of a week’s use, the suit remained sharp and held its positive appearance. Well designed and made, it looks both professional and contemporary.

It remained movable and flexible, and the British cloth, with in-built stretch, coped well with the rigours of a busy day, offering style and comfort throughout while staying remarkably crease resistant.
Paul Crilly is a fellow of the IoD

Alistair Callender, founder, GATE8 Luggage

Reviewed Uniqlo stretch extra-fine merino wool slim-fit jacket, £89.90, and Uniqlo extra-fine merino wool slim-fit trousers, £39.90

Crease-resistant suits reviewed by Alistair CallenderI was a bit disappointed to receive the suit in a plain, grey poly mailbag – it cheapened the unpackaging experience and let down the quality of the product. This is the first opportunity to generate a premium positive experience and the outer packaging didn’t do that.

However, I wore the suit while travelling and was extremely pleased with its performance and quality – especially given the price. It offered fantastic value, so well done Uniqlo.

I have treated myself to made-to-measure suits in the past and this compared very favourably. The movability, stretchiness and crease resistance were all first class and it was very comfortable.

Compared to more expensive suits, it lacked some premium detail, such as the buttonhole and buttons on the cuffs (these were attached, but for cosmetic reasons only). But for this price, I had no complaints. A great day-to-day work suit that does the job.
Alistair Callender is a member of IoD London

Jake Cordell, communications officer, IoD

Reviewed Paul Smith A Suit to Travel In, £730

Crease-resistant suits reviewed by Jake CordellThe Paul Smith A Suit to Travel In is a perfect wardrobe addition for the style-conscious frequent-flying businessman. I took it out of the bag to find a smart suit with a professional cut and was looking forward to putting it to the test.

I tried the suit out during the week of the IoD Annual Convention, so I had plenty of meetings, appointments and setting up to do – both in, and out of, the office.

During all this rushing around it managed to stay surprisingly free of creases. The fit is true and comfortable, and the jacket’s elegant polka-dot lining provides a neat finishing touch.

I wouldn’t recommend screwing it up in the bottom of a suitcase, but straight out of the suit bag or after a day spent on a plane, train or inside a car, it stays crisp, and maintains the reassuring quality of the Paul Smith brand.

It’s an uncompromising, smart, travel-friendly suit.

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