National Work Life Week

National Work Life Week means balance for wellbeing

It’s pretty much a given now that wellbeing and work-life balance make staff shine brighter, so National Work Life Week – which begins on 21 September, and is organised by work-life balance organisation Working Families and sponsored by Deloitte – is for both employers and staff to relish

Healthy lifestyle events, sessions devoted to balancing professional and domestic lives, and diversity and inclusion seminars are among the activities employers can organise, according to Working Families, while many workforce members may be keen to alert you to Go Home on Time Day on 23 September.

Businesses can also use National Work Life Week as an opportunity to promote their policies and practices and to highlight flexible working role models at all levels and in all areas of the organisation.

The Working Families website has reams of resources including event calendars and ideas on how to get involved.

Free webcasts for employers and staff cover issues including how to balance work when caring for a loved one; building energy and resilience to make work more enjoyable; and balancing work with being a parent.

National Work Life Week aims to highlight the benefits of facilitating the well-being and work-life balance of your employees, so that they are engaged, motivated and productive at work.

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