Director launches on Instagram

Director launches on Instagram

Hold the phone! No really, Director has now launched on Instagram and we have a lot to share with you…


Instagram has been live for almost five years and in that time has amassed over 100 million users. The social networking app describes itself as “a free and simple way to share your life and keep up with other people”.

It’s also proven itself as one of the most lucrative social media services. Acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for around $1bn, Instagram grew by 23 per cent in 2013. Comparatively, Facebook only grew by three per cent the same year.

More importantly, however, it offers the team at Director a new way to share exciting events and stories from the world of business directly with you.

Exciting new content

Director is a busy collective and we regularly find ourselves inundated with interesting people to meet and incredible places to be.

Over the last two years, our Twitter account (@DirectorIoD) has gone from strength to strength, amassing almost 5,000 followers and continuously breaking the best stories in business news.

Now, our Instagram account provides a new way to share our experiences directly with our readers. Whether we’re reviewing a luxury hotel at Lake Como or sitting down for a chat with Sir Richard Branson, we’re committed to bringing more great content to you through @DirectorMagazine.

“The Director team gets to see so many great new products and ideas and we want to share the things that make us look twice,” says Lysanne Currie, editor of Director. “That could be as simple as a chandelier made of recycled Brewdog bottles, to an IoD event, or a behind-the-scenes look at a cover shoot – we want to share them with you.”

Where to find Instagram

Instagram is available free from the iOS, Android and Microsoft app stores and you can find us as @DirectorMagazine.

Happy snapping!

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