Office Lens reviewed – how does Microsoft’s scanner rate?

Office Lens from Microsoft reviewed

Microsoft has been increasing its efforts to reach out to rival platforms in recent months, progressively offering its software and services on iOS and Android. We put the tech giant’s latest offering, Office Lens, to the test…

What does it do?

Office Lens acts as an efficient scanner on your phone, automatically depositing high quality images of documents, business cards and receipts into either your OneNote account or any other destination.

How does it handle?

While the technology itself is by no means revolutionary – there are already several scanning apps available across the various app stores – the functionality of Office Lens is where the app shines. It’s incredibly fast and simple to use, with a huge range of exporting options, allowing you to convert an image into a Word document and PowerPoint file as well as a simple PDF.

What’s wrong with it?

Its primary shortcoming is an inability to capture multipage documents – a small oversight but a surprising one from a company like Microsoft…


A smart and useful addition to any phone, but perhaps its true greatness lies in a future version.

Free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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